Monday, June 14, 2010

Had to adjust my Comment Moderation settings

Hello!   Hope you are having a great weekend.  It is cold where I live, but at least the sun is shining today for the first time in quite a few days.

Just wanted to let you know that I have adjusted my Comments Moderation so that you will have "word verification" now when you type in a comment.  I have been getting spammed BIG TIME from Anonymous comments left for my Rosie Bear Stitchery.  I always approve comments before I post them anyway, but I need to stop the daily avalanche in my EMail In Box of Anonymous Spam comments waiting to be approved - it's making me crazy.  Has anyone else had this problem?

I may turn Word Verification off at some later stage and see if I still get the SPAM.  Alot of Challenge Blogs prefer you not to have Word Verification turned on, but for now, I need to have it to prevent automated machines leaving this silly rude rubbish. 

Curse those spammers!!   See you later this week for another card.



Jane Matsumoto said...

Hi Jocelyn! I have been getting those anonymous spammers as well. I just got rid of a handful of them. It is so annoying!!

Spyder said...

yes, although I've taken off my word verification, as we're asking everyone who does challenges to, as it does take an age to go round and comment if you have 100's to do, but I'm really in two minds! At the moment anonymous can not comment on my blog, but then (silly people) get themselves a blog or just the front page, so they can comment and then...I just direct blogger to them! (Report Abuse) It took me an hour this morning to delete about 12 comment in old posts with links to unmentionables! all typed in Chinese!! Why?? I mean, not many Chinese people read my blog! So yes!! Curse those spammers!
Lovely cards on your blog and thank you for popping over!!

ps It's hot and sunny here!!

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