Sunday, February 6, 2011

My EMail widget broke so you will need to re-subscribe if you want EMail updates

Hello blogging friends!

My old EMail subscription box broke :-( so I have had to remove the Widget from my Blog.   Instead, I have set up Feedburner (by Google) so that you can subscribe either via EMail - or if you prefer, via Google Reader or via your favourite Reader.  If you have previously subscribed via EMail and you are no longer getting updates (and I'm not 100% sure if you will or not???? if the Widget no longer works), you will have to re-subscribe.  But it's really easy...... read on.....

If you wish to subscribe via EMail, click on the link at the top LHS of my Blog:

Want to get an EMail when I update my Blog? 
Subscribe to: Instead of Ironing Blogspot by Email

And once you click on that link, a new page will open in your Browser which will have the Feedburner Logo at the top, and this is where you type in your EMail address as well as some text in a little box to prevent SPAM.  You should then receive an EMail from Feedburner which will contain a link which you must click on to activate your subscription.  Please check your SPAM EMail Inbox if you have trouble finding the email.  If you don't activate your subscription by clicking on the link, you will NOT receive email updates.  You will not receive SPAM from Feedburner by subscribing; it is merely a tool for Bloggers to connect with their viewers.

Alternatively, if you wish to subscribe to my Blog using your Google Reader, please click on the Google Reader box which is underneath the EMail subscription info.

Or if you want so subscribe in a different Reader (other than Google), you can click on the Subscribe now in a different Reader box and choose your preferred feeder eg: Yahoo, Netvibes etc. (although I did notice when I clicked on it that you can subscribe to Google in this selection anyway).

Note that I am still tweaking Feedburner as I have never used it before and still finding my feet with all the different options available.  There are options to have partial posts or full posts - I'm undecided as to which I will have (partial at the moment) so what you receive as far as updates go, may alter slightly in the future. 

Please let me know if you have any problems or are not receiving email updates by either leaving a comment here on this post, or alternatively emailing me at my EMail address which is located on the LHS of my Blog - the 6th major heading down.

I looked into Feedblitz, but it costs money after the first free month depending on how many subscribers you have , so that is why I have gone with Google Feedburner plus my Blog is Google-based and I figured it was easier to set up if they are made for each other!
Hopefully, if it stops raining, I will be able to photograph my card and upload it to my Blog tomorrow (Monday)!  Sheesh - I think Victoria has had enough rain for now.......



Trish said...

Hi Jocelyn,love your blog..that heart i have on Kaarens site is from Scrapmatts i design for them also, their site is they laser cut chipboard... it will probably take you to their gallery and then on the right of that page you will see shopping online from there its easy,cant wait to see what else Kaaren has bought back for USA,cheers Trish

Anonymous said...

hi jocelyn, i get updates through my own blog subscriptions, so i won't need to subscribe again. you've had your share of techno woes and i hope you get them all sorted out.

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