Monday, May 9, 2011

Sorry for my lack of posting + some photos of my garden

Hello blogging friends. Sorry for my lack of posting - sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and I have been very busy with helping my elderly Mum and of course, life is always busy with a young child - plus I have been plagued with migraines of late which hasn't been fun. Anyway, you didn't come here to hear me moan so I shall stop now ;-) On to more important issues......

The other reason is that I couldn't do any posts!! Every time I tried to do a new post in Blogger, I would just get this non-stop spinning wheel where you would usually type your text. I thought maybe Blogger was having some maintenance done making it go "off-line", however, after some research I have found that the new editor program on Blogger isn't working for my Blog (other Bloggers are having the same issue apparently) so I have had to modify my settings to go to the 'Old Editor". I have never used the Old Editor before so are still finding my way around it. I can't seem to make pictures very big - but it is certainly better than nothing!

You can read about the problem at this post here at the Blogger Help Desk and you can read some more information about what Blogger are doing to fix the issue at this link here.

I am glad that it is not me - I was thinking that I had messed up my Template modifications and was tearing my hair out thinking that I wouldn't be able to fix it.

Anyway, I hope to resume my regular posting very soon. I am working on some of those hard-to-make masculine cards and finishing off my ribbon dyeing tutorial.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of photos that I took in the past week:

These daisies appeared in my garden bed after digging in some home-made compost. They are so pretty and just keep flowering. I love daisies - they are so cheerful! They are actually really small flowers - probably about half an inch in diameter.

This second photo is the view from my kitchen window. The sun had almost set and this double-rainbow appeared through the misty rain. The colour was so intense in the centre of the first rainbow that I just had to take a photo. It hasn't been enhanced with any photographic editor - this is just how it was.

This last photo is of my pink bottlebrush which has been looking spectacular and keeping the bees very busy - so it wasn't hard to find a flower that had a bee on it for my photo :-)

Since I took these photos, the weather has turned very cold - like mid-Winter - and it was very frosty here this morning - below 0 degrees C (or 32 deg F). Brrrr - I felt like a blimp wearing all my layers of clothes when I took my DD to school. I am wishing for spring already.....

Thanks for visiting - and I hope to resume my regular posts very soon!




Robyn said...

Good luck with it all Jo! Miss ya! ...and thanks for the pretty pics!

Stampmouse said...

oh wow loved that double rainbow I guess we had one one saturday here but I missed that part of it. pretty flowers too

Joyce across the Pond said...

I've to your blog via Shaz (or Sharon as I prefer to call here LOL!) - love your photos...especially the double rainbow, that's sort of special. Best wishes from Northern Ireland

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

Welcome back Jobear and have missed you and hope all is well with your blog now.. Blogger lost all posts and comments made on Thurs 12th so if you have had any comments on that day they will just vamoose that is what happened at mine and other bloggers who posted on that day had their posts disappear too maybe they have an an overloaded system due to their popularity!! anyway good to have you back,
love and God bless,

Denise Marzec said...

Yeah, there have been some SERIOUS issues with Blogger lately. I can't believe was totally DOWN for so long this week. Great photos!

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