Friday, July 22, 2011

Four Awards! Yep - count them - FOUR! Woo hoo!

Hi blogging friends,

I have 2 cards made but waiting for the drizzle to stop so I can photograph them - but in the meantime, I thought I would share some "happy news".

My card from my last post won the top 5 at the Allsorts Challenge Blog which I was tickled pink about and totally surprised!!  Here is a little photo of my card in case you missed my last post:

Funny how I only just noticed that I had put "Image copyright Stampendous" at the bottom RHS instead of "Inkadinkado".  I had the stamp name and brand right in the Card Recipe at the end of my original post - just messed up the name on the photo for some reason (I'll blame it on sleep deprivation from my DD being sick for a good deal of the last 2 weeks - now DH is sick - but I am still carrying on as as Mum's do).  My DD was off school again yesterday with a cough which I pray isn't a new virus and won't get any worse - poor little thing :-(  Her birthday party is in a week so she needs to be well!!  So far, I have escaped the dreaded lurgies!

This card was also nominated twice in the Splitcoaststampers Favourites for the week - so I was pretty chuffed about that!

And my last Award is from my blogging friend Shaz from Shaz in Oz - Cards Calligraphy:

Shaz in her post wrote the following to describe a Versatile Blogger which originally was written by Hettie of Hettiecraft - quote:- "...capable of or adapted to many different uses, skills etc, liable to change.."and wrote some lovely things about my Blog - thank you sweetie!!

Now the Rules of accepting this award.
  • In accepting my award I must place a link back to the person who awarded it
  • Share 7 random things about myself
  • Award 7 recently discovered bloggers and contact them to let them know
7 Random Things about me:

1.  I started researching my Family Tree about 5 years ago and discovered that all the family history that had been passed onto me through the generations on my late father's side was all made-up to hide the convict history - my family actually first came to Australia on the 3rd Fleet!!

2.  If I don't have a real cup of home-made plunger coffee in the afternoon, I don't feel right.

3.  I used to be scared of heights until I went tandem hang-gliding a few years ago (my DH paid for it in advance so I didn't want to waste the money!) and now I have been hang-gliding numerous times.  I discovered that it was only the fear itself that I was scared of!  And it's AWESOME up in the sky!!

4.  I used to sleepwalk when I was a child right up into my teens.  It was weird and scary waking up inside my wardrobe or somewhere else in the house.

5.  I play the piano, sing and write my own music, as did my late-father and his mother (my Gran).  My Gran wrote hundreds of hymns and Dad was a child-prodigy pianist and studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music beginning at the age of 9! 

6.  I am THE clumsiest person on the planet and always manage to spill tomato sauce on my top or drop food or drink somewhere on myself.  You wouldn't want to take me to a fancy restaurant that has a white tablecloth - it would be excruciatingly embarrassing LOL!  I trip over air and are always bumping into things.

7.     I am so slow at cardmaking and I have no idea how people make and post a card every day and still manage to be a Mum, go to work and do the housework. 

So, I am passing this award onto:

1.  A load of pickle by Kerry Cox - a blog which I recently discovered.  Wow - what a multi-talented lass!

2.  Buttons for Brains by Liz - one of my favourite, favourite blogs.  Love Liz's style.  So unique and her cards always make me smile.

3.  Fong crafty place by Cathy Fong - also a recent discovery.  I don't think Cathy realises how talented she is!

4.  Scrapcollector by Yenni Natalia - another discovery I made a few months ago - super-talented and a lovely lady.

5.  The voices in my head by Lim - wow - Lim's vintage style just blows me away.  I could look at her cards ALL day and never tire of them!

6.  Snail's Space by Linda - Linda is a beautiful, kind and gentle lady - I can only dream to watercolour like Linda!  Linda has also been a wonderful supporter of my blog (thanks sweetie!!)

7.  Cards Calligraphy - Shaz in Oz - who gave me this award and who has become a very dear blogging friend.  Shaz has always been ready to lend an ear and has been so incredibly encouraging in my cardmaking.  And Shaz is a super-versatile blogger who not only does beautiful calligraphy but makes all styles of cards with all different mediums.  I am truly blown away by Shaz's creativity!

So, that's it from me.  I should be back tomorrow with a quick card I made for my niece's upcoming 4th birthday.  The sun has just come out so I will go and photograph it outside while I still can.



    Anonymous said...

    thank you, jocelyn, for the award and lovely comments! it's very sweet of you to think of me! your 7 random things are very interesting; i don't think i have much to share. :)

    Merry said...

    Well that was certainly an interesting read getting to know you. Well done on researching your family tree....that would have been exciting to find out the true story. :-) Congratulations on your wins.....certainly doesn't surprise me as that is a wonderful card.

    Robyn said...

    Hi! Congrats on your well deserved awards! Lol about waking up in the cupboard!!

    ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

    ah loved reading the post, Jobear and well done on the award for that card as it really was amazing, so loved it...and think your seven facts were much better than mine, I really struggled with that side of things weird huh, and so agree with the card making side of things I take forever and am amazed at other's productivity. Thank you so very much for your kindness too in what you said at the bottom. I love you dearly as a sister in the Lord and as blogging buddy... fancy finding that out about your father's side of the family too that is so weird. I too have a fear of heights done think I could do the tandem thing whether parachute or hang gliding, God bless, Shaz in Oz,.x

    ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

    Ps off to check out your nominees.x

    Liz, said...

    Hiya, congrats on the win and thank you for this lovely award, I shall post it over the weekend and show it off on my blog with pride!

    liz x

    Sharron Lynne said...

    That's awesome news. Congratualtions! Your card is terrific!

    Elizabeth Allan said...

    Congratulations - four times - to you!

    Marion said...

    Hey Jocelyn,

    Congrats on your win! I think that your card is brilliant...such a great composition and the colours are divine! Lovely work! Thanks for leaving such nice comments on my blog..and I hope that you can stay dry and warm! I'll be returning to the 'fridge' again soon! Take care.

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