Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I have a new email address - and some Copyright explanation

Hi there!  Just wanted to let you know I have changed my EMail address for any enquiries relating to my Blog or cardmaking only and have updated the relevant parts of my Blog to reflect my new address.

It is:

This only applies to my Blog and is specifically set up for my Blog.  

For family and friends that use my other EMail addresses, please continue to use those other addreses.

Copyright Issues
Did you notice that at the top LHS of my Blog a new little box that says "My own free copyright registered and protected" plus the details underneath about my Creative Commons License?  Read on....I will explain.....

In the section on my blog called "Hello and welcome to my Blog", I have a few lines (which most bloggers put on their blog) about their artwork being copyright to them and is not to be used for personal or monetary gain or used for contest submission etc - which I think is fair and reasonable.

But a little while ago, I was contacted by someone via another on-line forum I am part of, who loved one of my cards that had pink flowers.  They told me that they had the same floral stamp that I had used and was planning to sell that stamp - and wanted to use my card as a sample in the ad.  Whilst it was flattering that they liked my card so much, I replied very politely that I wasn't comfortable with the idea as I had no control over where my image would be used and as they were an accomplished cardmaker, perhaps they could make a card with that same stamp and sell the card with the stamp?

I received a rather upsetting reply as they were rather indignant that I should need some sort of control over where my image would be used and just "forget it - they'll look elsewhere".  
I felt it was important that the person understand my position as they didn't seem to - and I replied that I have a note on my Blog that my cards are copyright to me and are not to be used for personal or monetary gain - which it would if they were using my card as a sample to help sell their stamp.

I also pointed out that the reason I chose the colour pink for my flowers on the particular card in question was because the lady concerned has been battling breast cancer (pink being the colour for breast cancer) and that they will not live to see their next birthday - this is the last card I will ever do for them - and to have someone use that card to sell their stamp would be very upsetting to me; that often my cards have a story behind them - they are not JUST cards to me!

It must have struck a chord with the person and they were very nice to reply and were very polite about it and they seemed to then understand my position.  And, in all fairness to this person, sometimes people just don't realise the implications behind what they might be asking and have little knowledge of copyright.

So, as I have seen others Blogs display their Copyright, I thought it was time I registered my Blog and it's contents via a Creative Commons License so I have some sort of recourse if someone uses my Blog content for their own benefit.  

Thanks for listening and have a great week!


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Trish said...

Good idea Jocelyn

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