Monday, August 30, 2010

Painted Teddy Christmas Brooch with Flowersoft

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I LOVE Teddy Bears - I am an Arctophile (which means "lover of" or "collector of" Teddy Bears).  I love Teddy Bear stamps, stuffed toys, pictures - anything with a cute teddy.  I think if Beanie Kids Bears were around when I was a little girl, I would have wanted every single one they made.  I also love to paint teddy bears which was my main reasons for starting Decorative (or Tole) Painting lessons some years ago now.

I recently painted this little Teddy Christmas Brooch and thought I would share it with you.  It came as a little kit from Artsmart Craft Cottage - sadly they don't sell any wooden products for painting anymore - they only do stitcheries and quilts - but they do have lots of Stockists around the world so you never know, you might be able to pick one up somewhere.  

The kit came as a wooden blank with the design for you to trace on plus the brooch pin for the back, but you supply the paints.  It was painted with JoSonya Acrylic paints.  After I painted it, I thought the little hat needed something "textured", so I reached for my white Flowersoft and glued it on, and I love how it turned out.  Here is a little close-up pic of the hat:

Hope you like my little teddy!  Finished length (from the top of the hat to the bottom of the stocking) is 10 cm or 4 inches.

Back in a few days with another one of those difficult masculine birthday cards!


Recipe:  Artsmart Craft Cottage "Christmas Teddy in Stocking" No. B02 (retired) by Libby Richardson, tracing paper, JoSonya Acrylic paints, paint brushes, Folk Art Matte Sealer (varnish), Flowersoft Polar White, Aleen's Tacky glue (for Flowersoft)


Robyn said...

You are so clever- I can never get a paint brush to do what I want it to! The flower soft on the hat looks so pretty and is the perfect finishing touch!

Merry said...

He is so cute and love the flower soft on the hat...great idea.

Anonymous said...

very cute!! the flower soft adds so much texture; it's perfect!

Michelle B. AKA JustPaintingAround said...

Oooh, great job painting here! He's so cute!

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